Just a few activities worth joining around Portland, Oregon.

Personal interests away from the office include paddling various craft on our local waterways, cycling about, skiing in season, sorting good restaurants from great, supporting environmental ... things, and generally living the hedonistic lifestyle facilitated by Portland.  Here's how you can too.

The Portland Kayak and Canoe Team (PKCT, website) is a small, not-for-profit group of kayakers focused on performance in flatwater kayaks and canoes.

A free group calling themselves Northwest Performance Paddlers schedule regular workouts and a pick-up race series on the Willamette River close to downtown.  (newsgroup, calendar, website)

A yahoo community called pdxseakayaker (website, newsgroup) with over 700 members focused on paddling their long boats and relevant activism in the Pacific Northwest.  Named "PDX" for Portland's international airport identifier.

The Lower Columbia Canoe Club (LCCC, website, newsgroup by memberhip only) offers well-organized canoe and kayak trips, tours and education programs for a wee membership fee.  Active (white) water and flatwater, trips going weekly.

Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals (NWAEP, website)

Oregon Bike Racing Association (OBRA, website, list & archives)